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Marketing Campaign Management

LocalSave is all about helping small businesses grow! LocalSave’s dashboard technology allows you to quickly manage customer communications and your entire marketing program with a click of a button from your computer or even your phone. It makes staying in touch with your exisiting customers and finding new customers through emails, text messages and app push notifications simple and effective.


LocalSave ensures that your marketing reaches the right consumer base that will take advantage of your products and services. LocalSave keeps the marketing radius localized to just your business area.


Not all of your customers are the same. LocalSave will help you get in front of the customers that are actually wanting and asking to receive your information, specials, discounts, and events delivered to them through email, text messaging and push notifications.


LocalSave gives your business the ability to easily create event driven marketing campaigns so you can reach existing and new customers. Your customers can now receive specials and discounts by just walking into your location, signing up to your marketing program, posting on social media, or any other of the many automated events you can setup in your LocalSave dashboard.


Every package offered by LocalSave includes Realtime Reporting Analytics. You know instantly if your different marketing campaigns are working and which perform the best. You know if people are visiting your website from your promotions, campaigns and social media and which need more marketing. You can even narrow down to the amount of people who see a particular coupon campaign, how many redeem it and actually use it in your place of business.


There is nothing more valuable to you than your time! LocalSave makes it easy to send out information on upcoming events and specials by only inputting them once! LocalSave’s dashboard lets you effectively manage customer communications from a centralized location, allowing you to stay in touch with your current customers and attract new customers. You just sit back while LocalSave’s system automatically reaches out to each customer based on their set preferences on timing and method.


LocalSave makes your social media marketing effortless with the dashboard technology. LocalSave has streamlined the posting process so that you can post to all your social media accounts at the same time by simply uploading an image or choosing a stock photo and writing a short title. LocalSave gives you the tools and training to engage with your customers and share your business with their friends, followers and the local community.


Want a Social Media expert to build professional looking posts and market your company for your online social presence? LocalSave has a team of experts at your disposal that will help increase your exposure thoughout your social media channels. The LocalSave experts understand the business dynamics and geolocation specific to your business and will partner with you to develop a strategic plan that will maximize the reach, broaden your engagement, increasing your social media presence.


LocalSave offers the best platform to reach customers where content can be delivered based on demographics such as location, interests, age groups, gender, company role and more. LocalSave will create a strong call-to-action social media campaign that drives new customers to navigate to your social media, website or other outlets to engage with your business and broaden your reach. You determine your daily advertising budget and can even change it anytime to promote a specific special event or product.

Additional Marketing Services

LocalSave offers many additonal marketing services focused on increasing your business’s reach to new and existing customers. Each additional service is designed to complement the others and all work seamlessly together. LocalSave takes great interest in creating new products and services to help each industry specific business gain the ability to properly compete with the large corporations with enormous marketing budget


LocalSave gives you all the tools you need to have a professional customized website that looks beautiful on any smart phone, computer, or tablet. LocalSave’s easy template technology provides you with effortless creation and management of your website. LocalSave handles your hosting and domain name too. There is nothing more important than having a strong digital presence to grow and expand your business.


You no longer need to spend valuable time on the phone taking orders. LocalSave allows your customers to order ahead of time on their smart phone, tablet or computer right on your website. Your customers will even be able to personalize the individual orders that come in. Unlike other online ordering systems, LocalSave doesn’t charge you a percentage of your orders, just a small flat monthly fee whether you get ten orders or a thousand orders per month. Save time and money with LocalSave, while providing excellent service to your customers.


Our Direct Message Marketing is a great medium to share the news about upcoming events, sales, specials and more. LocalSave will advertise to our entire base of consumers who subscribe once a quarter.


LocalSave can create you your own custom app that will be featured on the Apple App Store® and Google Play Store®. Your customers will love connecting and engaging directly with you. From design to development, to implementation, LocalSave makes sure that every detail of your app exceeds expectations and optimizes your brand with an app putting you way ahead of the competition.


LocalSave gives you the power to create and manage your own Loyalty & Rewards Program. This will replace your old fashion punchcard system, allowing you to track every customer’s loyalty level. Customers can receive discounts for repeat visits, accumilating points toward a rewards of your choice. The rewards program will have your customers spending more and keep them coming through your door.


Tell your customers that they are important to you! LocalSave’s dashboard is designed to offer your client-base coupons and special savings on their birthday and anniversary. Who doesn’t like to be thought of on their special day?

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